Godrej Turbo Mode Window AC 1.5 Ton

Godrej Turbo Mode Window AC 1.5 Ton

The 1.5-ton Godrej Turbo Mode Window AC will keep your room cool and cozy. For medium-sized rooms, this effective air conditioner provides strong cooling performance. This air conditioner guarantees efficient cooling while conserving energy thanks to its copper condenser, anti-dust filter, and turbo mode. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Product Details

  • Brand: Godrej
  • Capacity: 1.5 Tons
  • Cooling Power: 5.1 Kilowatts
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years extended warranty on compressor
  • Energy Rating: 3 star

More About Godrej Turbo Mode Window AC 1.5 Ton

The 1.5-ton Godrej Turbo Mode Window AC will provide you and your family with a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. This energy-saving air conditioner is perfect for medium-sized rooms because of its effective cooling capabilities. The anti-dust filter maintains the air fresh and clean, while the copper condenser guarantees improved cooling efficiency and less maintenance.

Godrej Turbo Mode Window AC 1.5 Ton turbo mode allows this air conditioner to rapidly chill your room, which makes it perfect for summer heat waves. By conserving energy and guaranteeing peak performance, inverter compressor technology lowers power costs. Furthermore, by preventing icing on the coils, the anti-freeze thermostat prolongs the lifespan and effectiveness of the air conditioner.

With features including a lighted remote for easier operation, sleep mode for restful evenings, and auto restart with memory function, this Godrej Turbo Mode Window AC offers comfort and ease. The intelligent diagnostic function facilitates prompt identification and resolution of problems, guaranteeing continuous cooling. This window air conditioner’s elegant and small shape will blend in with any interior style while offering effective cooling options.

For your house, the Godrej Turbo Mode Window AC 1.5 Ton is a dependable and long-lasting cooling option. This air conditioner is a great buy due to its long-lasting performance, energy efficiency, and innovative features. Enjoy year-round comfort and coolness with this chic and inventive Godrej window air conditioner.

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