HiFresh 20L Ice Chamber Air Cooler

HiFresh 20L Ice Chamber Air Cooler

Experience efficient cooling with the HiFresh 20L Ice Chamber Air Cooler. Offering 3 in 1 functionality as a fan, cooler, and humidifier, it provides personalized and cost-effective cooling.

Product Details:

  • Brand: HIFRESH
  • Mounting Type: Freestanding
  • Air Flow Capacity: 430 Cubic Metres per Minute
  • Floor Area: Up to 38 sq.m
  • Form Factor: Portable

More About HiFresh 20L Ice Chamber Air Cooler

Stay cool and comfortable with HiFresh 20L Ice Chamber Air Cooler the 3 in 1 HIFRESH Air Cooler, offering efficient airflow and enhanced cooling with 3 speeds and 2 modes for a personalized experience.

HiFresh 20L Ice Chamber Air Cooler comes with features like 3 speeds, 20L dual water tank, and anti-bacterial honeycomb pads, this cooler ensures a refreshing and healthy cooling experience.

Enjoy the convenience of a 20L dual water tank, 4 ice packs, and anti-bacterial honeycomb pads for optimal distribution of water and air, ensuring a healthier and effective cooling effect.

Experience a powerful throw and regulated movement with a 70° oscillation feature that swiftly cools spaces up to 38 sq.m, providing a refreshing breeze at a maximum speed of 6.4m/s with HiFresh 20L Ice Chamber Air Cooler.

With HiFresh 20L Ice Chamber Air Cooler low power consumption and eco friendly design, the HIFRESH Air Cooler offers an energy efficient cooling solution without high utility bills, making it a cost-effective and sustainable choice for a comfortable indoor environment.

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